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Establishment of the Association

The Tamil Senior Citizens' Association (TSCA) was formed in 1996 with the objective of enhancing the welfare of the Tamil Senior Citizens in Canberra. It is a non-political and secular organization. Mr Seeveratnam and Mr Suppiramaniam were elected as President and Secretary, respectively.

TSCA was registered as an association in 1997 and has expanded its scope significantly. TSCA Housing Sub Committee (TSCAHSC) was formed and registered as a business in 1999. It was approved by the ACT Government as a registered community housing provider and started managing some of ACT Government’s community housing properties. TSCAHSC has provided senior citizens and disadvantaged people with affordable housing since its inception.

In 2004, TSCAHSC commenced a building project for the meeting hall and four residential units (pictured below) at 11 Bromby Street, Isaacs, ACT 2607. This project was completed and the meeting hall was opened by Honorable John Hargraves, MLA, Minister for Housing, on 14 February 2007.

The significant expansion of scope from 1999 to 2008 was due to the selfless and visionary work of late Messrs Thamotharalingam and Mailvaganam. They were instrumental in progressing the ownership of the property in Isaacs and the management of the community housing function. They were ably supported by fellow Committee members and others who generously contributed funds and worked hard to assist in various ways.

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