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Past Presidents

Period President Notes
1996-1997 Mr Seevaratnam TSCA was formed on 20 Aug 1996 with Mr Seevaratnam elected as President and Mr Suppiramaniam as secretary.TSCA was incorporated on 8 january 1997.
1998-2011 Mr V Thamotharalingam Mr Thamotharalingamwas elected as president at the first AGM in February 1998. TSCAHSC was established in 1999 (after changing the TSCA constitution) and started managing ACT Community Housing properties. Mr Mailvaganam was elected as the Chairman of TSCAHSC. TSCAHSC was registered as a business on 11 July 2000, and was endorsed as an income tax exempt charitable institution.The building project was completed in 2007 (see note below).
2011-2013 Dr K Ganesalingam
2013-2015 Mr R Ganesasundaram
2015-2019 Mr M Ooruthiran
2019- Mr S Shivasabesan

Building project

11 July 2000 - TSCAHSC registered as a business and obtained tax-exempt status. 4 June 2004 - Purchased land at 11 Bromby street, Isaacs, ACT 2607. 23 Nov 2005 - Development application approved. 7 Feb 2007 – Opening ceremony for the meeting room and four houses.

Funding of the Building Project

Several people generously contributed financially and otherwise to the building project.

A list of financiers is given below for the sake of transparency. In compiling this list, we have relied on public records. We have sought permission to disclose wherever practicable and have respected the wishes of those who want to remain aninymous. If you do not want your name to be disclosed please advise us by clicking the link below to email us and we will remove your name as soon as it is practicable.

Click here to Send an email to request "do not disclose my name"

The building project was the brainchild of late Messrs Thamotharalingam and Mailvaganam, the founders of TCSAHSC who tirelessly worked for the project. They were supported by many volunteers and well-wishers.


Donor Amount
Kathirgamalingam Thamotharalingam 40,000
Somasunderam, Dr S 20,000
Ravindraraj, Dr D (Dental Surgeon) 12,000
Anonymous Donor 6,000
ITEC Pty Ltd* 5,000
Kugathasan 2,500
Sritharan, T 1,400
Nagendram, Mrs 1,000
Pranavan, Dr Ganesalingam 1,000
Selvanathan 1,000
Arumugathasan 500
Balasubramaniam, Mrs R 500
Pakianathan, Mrs P 500
Gnanathan, Mrs R 400
Other small donors 1,620
Total Donation (13) 93420


Name Amount
Mailvaganam, K 25,000
Nadanachandran, Dr K 25,000
Thamotharalingam, Mr 20,000
Mailvaganam, K 25,000
Manivannan, R 15,000
Sandanam 15,000
Shivasabesan, S 15,000
Kumaranayakam, Mr S 6,000
Hensman, Mr D 5,000
Kanagasabai 5,000
Rasaratnam, Dr Sivan 5,000
ITEC Pty Ltd* 4,000
Nandapalan, Dr N 3,000
Dharmaratnam, M 2,000
Weerasingam, S 2,000

* ITEC was owned by late Mr V Thamotharalingam and his son Mr Kathirgamalingam Thamotharalingam.

Total assets on 31 Dec 2007 - $1.25 million

(Source: President’s address at 14th AGM).

Information for Members

If there are any useful information for members that the mamagement committee deems relevant, they will be posted here.

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